LIFE nature project

The EU LIFE nature project supports measures aiming to protect and to rehabilitate especially valuable reserve areas. The condition of the introduction into this project is that the reserve areas correspond to the EU Council directive on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora. The nature reserve of the Benninger fen has been introduced into this project because of its Europe-wide importance. A lot of the species and types of habitats of the Benninger fen are valuable according to the a.m. Council directive and therefor have to be especially protected. Especially protected types of habitats according to annexe I of the EU Council directive in this region are above all the calcareous marshland and tufa-producing springs. According to annexe II of the EU Council directive the following species are to be especially protected besides Armeria purpurea:

Besides there exist up to now 87 species in the Benninger fen which are mentioned in the national Red Lists as being endangered, highly endangered respectively threatened species.